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Financial Advisor


We are committed to helping you realize your financial future.

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Free Retirement Planning Calculators

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"I love empowering people to discover new and creative solutions to enhance their financial situation.“

Bruce M. Wiener, Principal

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Beer, Detroit and the Importance of Spending Less

We all know that saving money is critically important to achieving a successful retirement. The opposite side of saving more is spending less. Spending less has benefits above and beyond the ability to increase savings. Watch the video to find out the other advantages of spending less. You'll also find out how two of my favorite subjects -- beer and Detroit -- relate to this topic.

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Beyond Immigration -- The Importance of Migration

The divisive debate over the United States' immigration policy continues unabated. The question of who we let in our borders tends to obscure another matter that deeply impacts our economy -- the significant decline in how freely people are moving around within our borders. As a recent article in the Wall Street Journal put it: "The drop in mobility is not only keeping rural residents from climbing a ladder to better livelihoods, it is choking off the labor supply for employers in areas where jobs are plentiful."

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